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[29 Aug 2015|04:34pm]
I can see the allure of a place like LiveJournal or Dreamwidth, but I like the flexibility and control I have with Wordpress a great deal more.

This journal is mainly here to be here, to join communities and more easily keep up with friends using this service. On LiveJournal I'm also psammead, and on Dreamwidth the same.

How do I know you?
I may know you from college (Wellesley), or fandom (various manga, anime, Shoujocon, Harry Potter), or an online game (MU*). If you're an author, it's a good bet I've read your stuff and liked it. It's possible you once made a post that I found compelling or amusing or interesting, or you're a friend of a friend and I've seen your comments and enjoyed them.

Since I mostly use LiveJournal (and now Dreamwidth) to follow people who use those services, my own blog(s) can be found elsewhere.

Krebabble: http://www.flaminggeeks.com/k/blog
My personal blog, a mixture of stuff, though at the moment it seems to be mostly reviews of games, books and television.

DorrieDorrie: http://www.flaminggeeks.com/dorrie
In 2007, my daughter was born 16 weeks early. Here is where we update on how she's progressing and life updates related to her.

Tripletake: http://www.flaminggeeks.com/tripletake
Part online book discussion group and part review site, two friends and I read a book each month and each review it.

I'm on Facebook. I'm pretty liberal with friending people on there as long as I have some idea who you are.
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